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Framework: Java, .NET
License: Pay per Domain
Product Cost: N/A
Implementation Cost: N/A


GOSS Interactive facilitates the delivery of business goals in the online environment, enabling organisations to keep their websites agile and relevant. Through its Web Content Management system, GOSS iCM (intelligent Content Management), GOSS Interactive provides websites and the technology to maintain them as well as hosting services for websites, intranets, extranets and e-commerce tools.

For content publishing, GOSS iCM is packed with WYSIWYG features to keep websites and mobile web content up-to-date and consistent for non-technical content contributors. Content can but published to social networks and user generated content can be used. Content on the web like media and links can be searched for within GOSS iCM and add to a page with one click. GOS iCM can even suggest content to add from its own libraries or the web. Content can be created, moved and edited in bulk for quick changes. Web analytics can be viewed along side each page so that performance can be measured an acted upon.

For developers, access to open source .NET or the Java API allows developers to customise their own template and functionality. A full suite of templates come as standard with GOSS website deployments.

For administrators, a free drag-and-drop forms builder lets you create multi-page branching forms. Submitted forms data can be viewed and sorted in a grid and exported to Excel. Unlimited numbers of sub-sites can be managed in one version of GOSS iCM. These can share content but also be locked down with granular security if needed. Full workflow, approvals and version control is included.

GOSS Interactive supplies solutions to an impressive portfolio of high-tech industries and professional services as well as central and local government authorities.


Capability Availability
Document Library Yes
Event Management Yes
Jobs Yes
Search Yes
Publishing Workflow Yes
Analytics/ Statistics Yes
Personalization Yes
Taxonomy Yes
Multilingual Yes
Mobile Website Support Yes
FAQs Yes
Meta Data Tags Yes
Workflow Framework Yes
Mobile Authoring Client Yes
Audit Trail Yes
Photo Gallery Yes
Geolocation Yes
Sitemap Yes
Preview for Mobile Device Layouts Yes
Multi-Site Yes


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Exeter City Council

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West Berkshire Council wanted a new intranet system, to reflect the dynamic website that was created in 2006. West Berkshire Council used GOSS iCM (intelligent Content Management) to create the new ‘MyIntranet’ solution. The n...


LiveChat demo

Create instant Contact Centre efficiencies. LiveChat enables website visitors to ask quick questions, via a simple interface, without the need for a phone call.