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by Tribiq
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Framework: PHP
License: Closed Source
Product Cost: N/A
Implementation Cost: N/A



Tribiq CMS Pro Edition
What you see is what you get: sophisticated editing tools let you develop your content, and preview before you make it live. Pages can be added rapidly, so that a site can be wireframed in minutes. Then using interactive tools you can develop content, navigation and page functionality.
Professional Tools for Multiple Languages
Individual pages of content can easily be exported in a format that is compatible with Google Translator Toolkit, SDL Trados, and other translation systems. Once exported, you can translate and import a page with no loss of formatting or embedded settings.
In the Admin Back-end, Pro includes both flat- and language-based views of your pages, and has tools for finding pages that need translating. When working with menu navigation, you can define menu node text in each site language and keep menu hierarchies in sync when making changes.
Using the option for auto-detecting your visitors' browser language, you can direct incoming visitors to your landing page in the appropriate language.
Team Administration
Supports granular administrative privileges to let you define what each adminstrator in your team can do.
Administrators can use SSL for greater security when accessing the site, for best protection of private data.
Productivity and Scalability
Productivity tools allow mass-changing of web page settings, and publishing.  
The previous version of each web page is archived, so you can roll back after any change to the previous version.
Pro is designed for scalability, with administration tools capable of running sites with thousands of pages.
Support for larger sites via multiple menu sections. Menu nodes can have images and custom styling associated with them.
Show recently viewed pages - great for sites displaying directories.
Form processing
Supports custom forms for your site, includes "captcha" support, and allows attachments to be submitted through a form.
Capture all form input data into your CMS, and define rules based on form inputs for sending the incoming data by email. Great for directing customer requests based on the nature of their enquiry.
Design sparkling email newsletters to send to your customer base, direct from your CMS.
You can turn your every customer enquiry into a contact, then keep them informed via email.
Our Closed Source Commercial License allows Pro to be used for any number of commercial or non-commercial sites on a single IP address. So no matter whether you build a single website on your server, or many sites, you pay just one price.
An Open Source Commercial License is also available upon request.


Capability Availability
Document Library Yes
Event Management Yes
Jobs Yes
Search Yes
Publishing Workflow Yes
Analytics/ Statistics Yes
Personalization Yes
Taxonomy Yes
Multilingual Yes
Mobile Website Support Yes
FAQs Yes
Meta Data Tags Yes
Workflow Framework Yes
Mobile Authoring Client Yes
Audit Trail Yes
Photo Gallery Yes
Geolocation Yes
Sitemap Yes
Preview for Mobile Device Layouts Yes
Multi-Site Yes


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Making a slideshow in Tribiq 6

You can make an animated slideshow in Tribiq 6 CMS in just a minute, using drag and drop to upload and auto-resize images from your hard disk. Requires Tribiq 6 (Community version) and an HTML5 web browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

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